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JourneyTree is a light-weight and efficient Customer Analytics tool for retail business of any domain, based on the state-of-the-art Machine Learning (ML) algorithms.

General population section addresses ELTV  (Expected-Lifetime-Value) segmentation. The page provides overview of the main interests, predicted spending and emerging trends for each of the segments. An dditional functionality is tracking of dynamics through comparison of metrics for different dates.


Customer report provides stats and predictions on individual level. It can be used as a GUI for decision support during in-person sales. It can also be used as an API for automatic processing of every customer, providing content for personalized marketing campaign. Basic output contains product recommendations, churn risk calculations and expected future spending, as well as assignment to ELTV and Profile segments.


Segment trends is the state-of-the-art customer segmentation based on preferred products and social-demographics. It is designed to provide automated target audience definition to be used as guidelines for marketing content design and messaging style

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